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9 Benefits of Hybrid Work (With Tips For Leading Remote Teams)

Within four short years, the idea of a 'traditional workplace' has completely transformed.

At the start of 2020, remote work was a trend gradually gaining traction, with earlier adopters actively seeking the types of benefits we explore in this article. For the vast remainder of companies, an unintended and extended trail of remote work was just around the corner.

Fast forward to 2024, and even though many organisations have embraced a hybrid working model, many leaders I speak to are unsure of how to get the ‘balance’ right for their business, team and customers.

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Creating a Healthy, Safe and Productive Work Environment

A workplace is not just a physical place where individuals come together to deliver key job responsibilities and outcomes. It's a dynamic ecosystem that contributes to the well-being, productivity, and overall happiness of its inhabitants, your employees.

Particularly in an era where remote work is a key feature of many organisations' Employee Value Propositions (EVPs), employers must reimagine what "the workplace" really refers to.

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10 Tips For Effective Leadership of a Hybrid Team

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, hybrid work was a key feature in the Employee Value Proposition (EVP) of many companies, but it is now the rule rather than the exception.

A hybrid team is when a group of employees in an organisation work remotely and on-site. Leading a hybrid team comes with unique challenges, but following these 10 essential tips can help you lead, engage and motivate a hybrid team effectively.

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HR Considerations For a Smooth End of Year

As another year draws to a close, the inevitably hectic period begins.

Between closing out projects, ensuring you hit Q2 numbers and the plethora of personal commitments that December brings, it can be easy to have tunnel vision towards the last Friday before Christmas.

However, now more than ever, you need to have a clear view of the periphery to mitigate potential issues and ensure you're ready to move into next year on solid footing.

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How To Attract and Retain Great Talent in Competitive Job Markets

If in April 2020, someone had told you that we would be facing some of the toughest conditions for attracting and retaining key talent within a year, you would not have believed them. But here we are, facing a sustained impact of that very reality.

Research shows that record numbers of employees are resigning from their roles or considering doing so as they hunger for greater meaning. Employees want purpose, a shared identity, and deeper connections from their work. In fact, due to the pandemic, some two-thirds of employees are reflecting on whether to stay with their current employers.

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How to Prepare for the Great Resignation as an Australian Employer

As it became clear that COVID-19 would be a once-in-a-generation pandemic, the general consensus was that economic impacts would be significant, fuelled by growing unemployment, in a vicious cycle.

It is staggering to think that unemployment has, instead, declined rather than grown and that employers are competing harder than ever to attract and retain great talent.

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5 HR Actions for Closing out the Year

Even though 2021 had its fair share of unique and memorable moments, the end-of-year chaos tends to follow the same script as years gone by.

You have multiple projects, employee reviews to complete, plans to finalise, events to attend, and the general sense of pressure to tie a bow on things before the clock strikes December 24.

As business leaders, our plates are beyond full at this time of year, which brings with it a propensity to miss the crucial one-percenters that set your team up for a positive and productive year ahead.

So, here are five key HR actions you can adopt to close out the year the right way.

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5 Fundamentals for Transitioning Employees into Effective Managers

The transition from 'positive and productive team member' to 'effective leader' is far from simple.

Juggling the complexity of their new role, the number of direct reports and the time spent with each is particularly challenging in the first instance, which is why preparation is crucial. In fact, it could be one of the best investments your business makes.

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Setting HR Goals That Matter

As business leaders, the quality of your goals and plans determines how productive your teams will be, which ultimately shapes your overall business success.

While it stands to reason that each role needs this same planning and goal-setting focus, it is an area many businesses overlook.

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How to Conduct Employee Performance Reviews in the New Era

There are 4 common schedules for employee performance reviews; annually at the anniversary of their commencement, annually at the start of the financial year, annually at the start/end of the calendar year and more frequent goal-based check-ins.

Regardless of the schedule, many businesses have not been equipped to undertake thorough employee performance reviews in their most recent period.

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