Performance Management

Your Challenges

Performance managing an employee is uncomfortable and difficult. As a result,  some Managers ‘turn a blind eye’, hoping the problem goes away. This, however, results in the employee’s poor performance being tolerated or even accommodated, which magnifies its impact.

Ideally, you can manage an underperforming employee ‘up’, but what if you have to manage them ‘out’. Are you confident you have a fair and due process to do so?

Your Risks:
  • If underperformance is not addressed properly, it impacts your culture and the rest of the team’s confidence in your leaders.
  • Tolerating poor performance can result in reputational damage to your business that may be difficult to repair.

  • Terminating an employee without a fair and due process can result in unfair dismissal claims and hefty settlement payments.

Our Solutions

Performance Counselling & Discipline Policy
  • To demonstrate your commitment to a fair and due performance management process.
Performance Management Guidelines
  • To provide your managers with a clear understanding of the process and steps to effectively manage underperformance and inappropriate behaviour.
Performance Management Documentation
  • To give you all of the resources you need to support and administer a performance management process – i.e. warning letters and performance improvement plans.

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Performance Counselling & Discipline Policy

Performance counselling & discipline processes need to be consistent and legally defensible to avoid procedural unfairness.

This policy should demonstrate your commitment to a fair and due process, ensuring you meet regulatory requirements, whilst not being too prescriptive.

As part of our recommended essential employment policies, we will provide you with this policy.

Performance Management Guidelines

Our performance management guidelines build on the performance counselling & discipline policy and provide the steps for your Managers to follow to effectively conduct a performance management process. These guidelines in-conjunction with performance management template documentation, will give your Managers the tools and resources they need to minimise risks to your business.

It is critical to document all performance management processes. We will provide you with all the templates documents you need to record these discussions.

  • File notes
  • Warning letters (first, subsequent, final)
  • Termination letter
  • Performance improvement plan
Leadership Training

Managing Employee Performance Workshop

Our Managing Employee Performance workshop will provide your managers with the knowledge and confidence to conduct fair, reasonable and effective performance management processes, with a view to managing an employee ‘up’ or ‘out’ of your business.

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