Culture & Engagement

Your Challenges

We all want a healthy and happy workplace, where employees are engaged and productive - but how do you achieve this?

Do you know what drives and motivates your employees? How can you leverage what you’re doing well and understand what areas you may wish to focus on to increase employee engagement?

If you do have documented company values, their positive impact relies on them being clearly understood by all employees.

Your Risks:
  • Negative workplace culture can result in claims of bullying and harassment, high turnover, poor performance and loss of clients (and revenue).
  • People don’t leave businesses; they leave managers and negative workplaces. You will not be able to retain your top performers without a positive culture and high engagement.

  • If you are not fostering an environment that engages your team, attracting new employees to join your business will be challenging.

Our Solutions

Employee Engagement Surveys
  • Seek feedback from your team on their overall engagement levels and identify and implement culture & engagement priorities and actions.
Focus Groups
  • Dive a bit deeper into core areas of employee engagement and gain greater insights into employee feedback and pro-active solutions.
Company Values
  • Develop clear and meaningful values that truly reflect your business, the culture and how to engage with each other and your clients.
Culture & Engagement Initiatives
  • Develop a suite of initiatives that drive culture and engagement, including reward, recognition, development, flexibility, wellness and family friendly initiatives.

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Engagement Surveys

Conducting an employee engagement survey is a valuable way of gathering insight into what’s important to your team, how they are feeling and what motivates them. We can develop and facilitate a survey will provide a confidential platform for your employees to openly and honestly share their thoughts and feelings about their work environment.

Following the survey, we can assist to develop and implement strategies to increase your team’s engagement and motivation.

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Focus Groups

To truly unearth issues or opportunities to increase employee engagement, we can conduct small focus groups with members of your team to ensure a more specific actionable plan to move forward is identified. Encouraging employee participation and involving them in the solutions gives them buy-in and ownership.

Company Values

Your company values may already exist in various informal forms. We can partner with you to define these in a meaningful way.  Once developed, we can identify initiatives to implement and embed these in your business.  For example, revising your recruitment practices to ensure you are hiring employees whose behaviours align to your company values.

Culture & Engagement Initiatives

Once values have been developed and ideally after you have feedback from your team about that they value and what motivates them, we can work with you to develop a plan that delivers various culture and engagement activities.  More and more employees want more than just their ‘pay check’, so we can work with you to develop initiatives that increase employee satisfaction, engagement and ultimately productivity.

Some initiatives may include:
  • Developing a reward and recognition program
  • Ensuring there is a proactive approach to development
  • Implementing flexible work practices
  • Encouraging health and wellness activities
  • Family friendly initiatives.

Why Employee Engagement Should Be A Top Priority For Your Business

One of the easiest ways to know whether it is Monday or not is to spend some time on social media. You will undoubtedly see a series of memes cursing the start of another working week. Sure, I can see the funny side in most of them, but what is most striking is the number of likes, shares and comments on these flagships of disengagement at work.

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