Preventing Bullying & Harassment In Your Workplace


What are you doing to ensure Bullying & Harassment don't occur in your workplace?

Regardless of your business size or resources, all Australian employers now have a legal obligation to take proactive and meaningful action to prevent unlawful conduct from occurring in the workplace or in connection with work. 

With the recent changes to the Fair Work Act and Sex Discrimination Act, you now have an increased positive duty to take proactive steps to prevent sexual harassment, discrimination and bullying in your workplace.

Now is the time to ensure your business is meeting its obligations and your team is adequately educated and informed of their rights and responsibilities.


Training Overview

If your employees don’t understand their obligations and subsequently act inappropriately, your business could be at risk, which is why expertly developed training programs are an essential supplement to having robust policies and procedures.

Our Respect in the Workplace training will provide your team with the skills and knowledge required to ensure you comply with your positive duty obligations under the Fair Work Act and Sex Discrimination Act.

Customised Programs
Compliance Focused

Program Content

The content of these expert-led training sessions includes:  

  • Creating an inclusive and respectful workplace
  • Understanding direct & indirect Discrimination
  • What is Harassment?
  • Sexual Harassment and the law
  • Preventing Harassment and Sexual Harassment
  • What is (and is not) Bullying behaviour?
  • Preventing Bullying in the workplace
  • Consequences of unacceptable workplace behaviour
  • What to do if you experience or are aware of an incident

Delivery Options

Our Respect in the Workplace training is a well-rounded and interactive program designed to provide you and your team with the skills and knowledge required to create and contribute to a positive workplace culture where employees feel safe, valued and respected.

Training can be delivered in person or virtually, with workshop options tailored for both employees and leaders, to ensure role-relevant learning outcomes.


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Preventing Sexual Harassment and Bullying in Your Workplace

As a result of the Australian Human Rights Commission's Respect@Work report and the recent changes to the Fair Work Act and Sex Discrimination Act, it has never been more important to ensure you create a safe, inclusive and productive work environment.

Download your free guide to Preventing Sexual Harassment, Harassment & Bullying to learn:

  • What is sexual harassment, harassment and bullying (and what it isn't)

  • What types of workplace behaviour are acceptable and unacceptable

  • Practical steps you can take to prevent unacceptable and illegal behaviour in your workplace

  • How to protect your business from claims of sexual harassment, harassment and bullying

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