The Respect@Work On-Demand Webinar

Preventing Sexual Harassment & Discrimination

How to meet your 'positive duty' obligations under the latest legislation updates. 

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This On-Demand Webinar Covers:

Understanding Your 'Positive Duty' Obligations

What are your positive duty obligations, why are they important, who do they apply to and when do they apply? We will break down the legislation and key terminology so you have a strong understanding and can consider risk areas for your business.

The 7 Standards You Need To Meet Under The Latest Legislation

Employers will be held liable for sexual harassment & discrimination unless they can prove they have taken all reasonable steps to prevent this conduct. We outline the 7 Standards that every business must meet and how they can be practically applied.

 Practical Steps To Create a Culture of Respect 

Taking a proactive approach, one that is in line with your company values, will ensure you meet your obligations, whilst enhancing your workplace culture and your team’s engagement. We cover best practices for ensuring optimum workplace conduct.


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Amanda Evans

About Your Host - Amanda Evans

Founder & Director, Evans Faull HR

Amanda has over 20 years experience in operational and strategic HR across a diverse range of industries, including professional services, sports, events, retail, wholesale, manufacturing, hospitality and not-for-profit.

Amanda is accessible and approachable, providing hands-on support, advice and expertise to ensure the best possible outcomes are achieved for every client.


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