Recruitment and Induction
Recruitment & Induction

Your Challenges

Attracting, selecting and retaining an employee that has the right skills, values and cultural alignment, requires a structured process that is consistently applied.

However, without the time to invest in building and following such a process, you may find yourself (despite your better judgement) selecting the 'best available' candidate from an underwhelming list of options.

And once they are onboard, do you have the time and systems to ensure they are productive as quickly as possible?

Your Risks:
  • Hiring the wrong person can have a long-lasting impact on your team, resulting in poor retention and cultural erosion.

  • Disengaged, under-skilled and culturally misaligned employees are likely to deliver customer experiences which negatively affect your reputation and repeat business.

  • Without a structured interview approach, your potential to make a selection error is high.

  • Managers who are not trained in compliant recruitment processes may inadvertently ask discriminatory, illegal questions.

Our Solutions

Recruitment & Selection Guidelines
  • Provide your hiring managers with clear and consistent processes and guidelines to make effective hiring decisions.
Competency-based Interview Guides
  • Ensure new hires are aligned with the values and behaviours that are important in your business.
Structured Induction Programs
  • Ensure you set up your new employees to be successful as soon as possible.
Recruitment Support
  • We can help you find the right people for your business - and save you time, money and stress!
Recruitment & Onboarding Workshop
  • Up-skill your hiring managers to be confident and have the tools to be able to make effective hiring decisions and induct their new hires effectively.

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Recruitment & Selection Guidelines

We will ensure you have a well-developed and thorough recruitment strategy and process, which is essential to attract and select the most suitable candidates.

We will provide your hiring managers with the guidelines and tools they need to ensure a consistent and robust process (that complies with legislative obligations) to make effective hiring decisions.

We can also develop standardised interview question guides with a focus on competency-based interviewing, that will ensure that all applicants are asked the same discriminatory-free questions and are assessed on the basis of their competency, skill and experience.

Induction & Onboarding Program

Once you have found the right person, it is essential that they have a comprehensive and meaningful Induction Program to ‘set them up to be successful’. We can help you develop an effective induction program to ensure your new employees are given the necessary tools, knowledge and training to get them up to speed and add value to your business as quickly as possible.

Having regular check-ins with new employees is essential during probation periods to provide (and seek) feedback and facilitate training needs. We will develop the tools and templates to give you the confidence and structure to have meaningful discussions with new employee.

Recruitment Support

As experienced HR and recruitment specialists, we understand there is more to finding the right people than just making sure they have the right skills. We will carefully assess and manage candidates to ensure the right fit for your culture and team environment.

We can partner with you to manage and coordinate all (or some) of your recruitment activities. Our fees reflect our unique approach.  We charge an affordable hourly rate for our expertise, experience and time.

We can help you with:
  • Exploring opportunities to fill the role internally
  • Preparing the job description for the role
  • Determining the right candidate sourcing strategy
  • Writing job advertisements and posting on relevant job boards
  • Conducting network and social media searches
  • Receiving all applications
  • Phone (and Skype) screening applications against key job criteria
  • Preparing interview questions
  • Coordinating and conducting interviews
  • Conducting reference checks
  • Coordinating offer negotiations
  • Managing communications with unsuccessful candidate

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Leadership Training

Recruitment & Onboarding Workshop

Our Recruitment & Onboarding workshop will provide your hiring managers with the skills they need to ensure your recruitment processes are cost effective and successful. 

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