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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Poor Performers

Does your workplace have a complainer, a stirrer, someone who doesn’t pull their weight, or someone who makes sexist or derogatory remarks?

If you have a poor performer (this extends to behaviour!) in your workplace the temptation is to ignore it and hope it goes away, or that they resign so you don’t have to handle it. This unfortunately can backfire spectacularly.

Have you have heard of the saying “One bad apple spoils the barrel”? Research suggests that if you add a poor performer to a team, the group productivity of the team drops by 30-40%. This is equivalent of having 1/3 of your workforce absent each day!

The other problem is that a bad attitude is catching. Previously great team members begin to exhibit the traits of the poor performer, which has flow on effects in terms of team co-operation, quality of work and team morale.

If you have a dysfunctional team, chances are there is a poor performer in the midst (which also could be the manager).

Poor performance and behaviour not aligned to your values costs your business more by ignoring it than by dealing with it. If you have performance issues talk with us to help you establish effective and legally compliant performance management systems and processes.

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