The HR Advisor

Before You Hold Your Christmas Party

It’s Christmas party time – the time of year when managers and employees get to let their hair down and celebrate the year that was. However, it is also a recipe for more than just a hangover if not handled correctly.

Here are 8 things to consider before you hold your Christmas party.

  1. If you are holding your function during work time, then attendance should be paid.
  2. Attendance to any function needs to be discretionary and not mandatory.
  3. Any venues you select should be accessible to all of your employees taking into account physical access, and any religious or cultural needs of your team.
  4. Attendance at any work Christmas function is considered to be “at work” which means that all legislative requirements around harassment, bullying, vilification and workplace health and safety apply.
  5. If you serve alcohol, you are required to comply with all responsible service of alcohol requirements.
  6. We recommend paying for taxi vouchers for all employees if you serve alcohol, to reduce the risk of drink driving or having an accident on the way home.
  7. We also recommend having designated managers to supervise the party to help ensure appropriate behaviour and to protect vulnerable staff members.
  8. Remind all managers and team members of your Code of Conduct before your party to ensure they understand your behaviour requirements and the consequences of any breaches.

Christmas parties are meant to be fun. If you put these essentials in place, your party will be remembered for all the right reasons and not the wrong ones.

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