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A Great Place to Work

“Remuneration doesn’t necessarily retain or attract people. What works here is that we are a highly decentralised organisation, trusting our associates (‘employees’) and delegating decision making to the lowest possible level so that people feel empowered”. 

This quote is from Mars Australia, who recently won the title of “Best Place to Work” for Australian workplaces with over 1000 employees.  This title is awarded on the basis of information provided by 10 million employees across 50 countries.

So what has Mars done to receive this award?  Can their actions be replicated or is it just the allure of working in a factory with unlimited chocolate, like Willy Wonka?

Some key reasons why Mars and other employers were voted as the “Best Place to Work” include:

  • Overtly treating all employees with dignity, care and respect, while requiring personal responsibility for individual success.
  • Developing clear company values that don’t just sit on the wall, but actively guide every business decision.
  • Financially investing in the business to enable its long term success and so employees can work smarter, not harder.
  • Investing in the local community.
  • Using recycled products.
  • Creating individual development plans for all employees.
  • Installing bike racks to encourage employees to ride to work.
  • Subsidising and supporting ongoing education.
  • Conducting ergonomic assessments on work stations.
  • Offering paid time off to assist with volunteer work.
  • Additional paid parental leave.
  • A formal diversity policy.
  • Focusing on workplace well being, health and fitness – including healthy drink and snack options, fitness assessments, jogging groups, healthy diet information and bringing pets to work.

As you can see, some of these options involve a financial commitment, others involve a time commitment, while some require a sustained and supported cultural shift.  And while every organisation is different in size, capacity and culture, why not consider whether you can implement just one of the strategies listed above to also become the ‘Best Place to Work’?

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