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Without compliant Employment Contracts and Policies, you and your business are at risk. Our HR PROTECT solutions will minimise these risks and protect your business.

What are they?

An Employment Contract is a written agreement between your business and an individual employee, outlining the terms of their employment. Contracts cannot contain any terms which are less than the National Employment Standards (NES) and cannot provide a wage that is less than the minimum wage or applicable Modern Award wage.

As there are many types of employment, not all contracts can be created from a single template. Permanent employees need different contract terms to that of a casual employee, who in turn would have different employment conditions to an employee on a fixed-term engagement.

Why are they important?

It is imperative that all employees have legally compliant, enforceable and comprehensive Employment Contracts. This will ensure employees are aware of their entitlements and obligations and your business will have protection and certainty.


What do you get?

We will provide you with the following compliant Employment Contract templates and supporting documents, aligned to the Fair Work Act & NES, and tailored for your business.


 • Permanent Employment Contract Templates
 • Casual Employment Contract Template
 • Maximum (Fixed) Term Employment Contract Template

Supporting Documents

 • Job Description Template
 • Fair Work Information Statement
 • Payroll Details Form
 • Employee Details Form

What does it cost?

Additional Services:

We can also help you with job description preparation, award review, wage guidance and preparation of individual contracts, on an hourly fee basis.

What are they?

Employment Policies set out the rights and responsibilities of both employees and employers. They should be written in simple, concise language, while fully complying with the requirements of the Fair Work Act and other workplace legislation.

Ensuring that your policies are well understood is as important as having them.

Why are they important?

  • They protect your business and minimise legal risks.

  • They work in conjunction with and operationalise your Employment Contracts and other workplace legislation.

  • They ensure equity and consistency in decision making.

  • They establish behavioural standards and support the desired workplace culture for your business.


'The current maximum penalty for a breach of the Fair Work Act is $63,000 for a company and $12,600 for an individual. Add to this the legal costs of defending a claim, and the financial impact on a business is significant'




What do you get?

We will provide you with the following compliant Employment Policies and supporting documents, aligned to the Fair Work Act & NES, and tailored for your business:


 • Equal Opportunity
 • Bullying & Harassment
 • Grievance & Complaints
 • Flexible Working Arrangements
 • Performance Counselling & Discipline

Workplace Safety
 • General Health & Safety
 • Fitness for Work
 • Alcohol & Drug
 • Smoke-Free


 • Annual
 • Personal
 • Compassionate
 • Parental
 • Long Service
 • Domestic Violence
 • Community & Jury Service

Employee Exit

 • Termination
 • Abandonment of Employment

Supporting Documents

 • Employment Policies Acknowledgement Form
 • Leave Application Form

What does it cost?

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