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Phoebe Reid

Phoebe Reid

Phoebe is an experienced HR generalist and has worked across a diverse range of industries. Phoebe has extensive experience in coaching managers to achieve successful business outcomes. She is a strong team player with a positive approach and has a track record in driving change based on her ability to quickly establish strong relationships, her initiative and professionalism.

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The Importance of Policies and Procedures in The Workplace

The absence of structure invites chaos. Countries which have strictly enforced road rules can be clearly told apart from those which don't just by spending a few minutes in heavy traffic. Schools with upheld boundaries and values result in demonstrable behavioural differences from those that don't. It, therefore, stands to reason that having up to date, relevant and complaint policies and procedures in your workplace is critical.

Policies and procedures set the guidelines and parameters for how your business operates. Without well developed and effectively communicated policies and procedures, there are no solid rules, and when there are no rules, people create their own.

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3 Key Aspects Of Effective Reference Checking

If you ask a chef what the key to their signature dish is, they will tell you that having the right ingredients and applying the proper method are the foundations of every great meal.

There are a number of crucial ingredients to a successful new hire, each of which must be applied systematically, much like baking a cake. Effective reference checking should be a key element in your recruitment and induction recipe as it allows you to substantiate the thoughts and data that you have gathered through the interview process.

Here we outline three essential elements for conducting effective reference checks.

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