Ending Employment

Your Challenges

Ending employment may be the result of a resignation, the conclusion of a performance management process, a case of serious misconduct, or a genuine redundancy. In any event, you need to be sure of your obligations and the employee’s entitlements?

How much notice does the employee need to give you? How much notice do you need to provide the employee? Should you do an exit interview for an employee who has been made redundant? How do you communicate company-initiated terminations?

Your Risks:
  • Breaching the Fair Work Act for not providing full entitlements to an exiting employee (regardless of why they are leaving).
  • Terminating an employee without going through a fair and due process can result in costly unfair dismissal claims.

  • Secrecy around redundancies or terminations can erode trust and create suspicion and cynicism amongst employees.

  • Unless handovers are carefully planned, valuable knowledge and Intellectual Property can be lost or jeopardised.

Our Solutions

Termination Policy
  • To provide clear, consistent and compliant guidelines regarding termination of employment, detailing the obligations of both parties.
Termination & Redundancy Support
  • To provide you with advice and guidance before making any termination or redundancy decisions, to help minimise risks to your business.
Exit Procedures
  • To ensure an employee can be ‘off-boarded’ properly – i.e. return of company property, removal of IT access.
Exit Interviews
  • To gain useful insights into the employee’s reasons for leaving.

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Termination Policy

As part of our recommended suite of essential compliance policies, we can develop a Termination Policy that captures all scenarios relating to employee terminations, including - resignation, employer-initiated termination, instant dismissal (for serious misconduct), mutual separation and redundancy. 

Such a policy will meet your compliance obligations and will clearly articulate employee entitlements upon termination and your rights and obligations.

Termination & Redundancy Support

If your business is changing and downsizing, we can assist with organisational reviews to help identify the structure to support your business into the future.

We can assist with change management and communications during times of organisation change, as well as prepare relevant documentation that is required to capture any changes to the structure of your business, including all required redundancy notifications, letters and review of entitlements.

Similarly, we can advise you in real time on any termination situations. We are not lawyers, and ideally we work with you to proactively avoid getting to this point, but we can provide advice to minimise the risk to your business.

Exit Interviews

There are significant benefits for conducting exit interviews with employees.  These include capturing the reason an employee is leaving, what the employee valued and what aspects of the business need improvement 

We can provide an independent solution to best encourage open and honest exit interview feedback.  We follow an online questionnaire with a face to face or phone debrief with the exiting employee. We will prepare your business with quarterly exit interview reports, to help identify any areas of focus or trends to reduce turnover.

Evans Faull have been and continue to be invaluable support for our growing company. From building and supporting the development of our HR structure, through to daily support queries from our Management team, they have provided valuable industry advice and have a great understanding of our people and culture we strive to build.

Greg Wallace | HR Manager


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