Employee Engagement Surveys

Are Your Employees Engaged?


Conducting an Employee Engagement Survey is a valuable way of gathering insight into what’s important to your team, how they are feeling and what motivates them. The survey will provide a confidential platform for your employees to openly and honestly share their thoughts and feelings about their work environment.

Following the survey, you will be able to develop and implement strategies to increase your team’s engagement and motivation and identify development needs to assist with individual and organisational growth.

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What Does The Survey Cover? 

Employee Engagement Drivers (3 - 4 questions per category)
  • Values & Purpose
  • Leadership 
  • Culture
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Job Satisfaction
  • My Position
  • My Manager
  • Equal Opportunity
  • Work life Balance
  • Pay & Benefits
  • Learning & Development
General Questions (2 - 3 open-ended questions)
  • What are the biggest challenges you currently face in your role?
  • What do you really enjoy about coming to work each day?
  • What 3 areas are most important to you for the upcoming year?

Our Process

Our Engagement Surveys are developed using the following framework:

1. Define & Develop Survey
  • Define the survey objectives and set parameters
  • Develop the survey questions
2. Administer Survey
  • Develop participant communications
  • Coordinate the on-line survey
3. Analysis & Reporting
  • Analyse survey data, identify trends and summarise results
  • Present the report with our findings and recommendations
4. Focus Groups & Action Plans
  • Conduct focus groups to 'drill down' into key areas identified in survey
  • Develop action plans and assist with the implementation of engagement initiatives

Analysis & Reporting

We use ‘positive response’ scoring for our analysis, where the question responses are grouped together into a positive response (“Agree or Strongly Agree”) and a negative or neutral response (“Disagree, Strongly Disagree or Neutral”).

We will provide you with a high-level summary of all question responses and also key insights and recommendations for each Engagement Driver category. Based on the survey findings, we will make recommendations regarding follow-up actions and initiatives to be implemented. 

Sample Reporting

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