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Training @ Evans Faull

Join us for small group training at our Malvern office

Training @ Evans Faull is an engaging and contextualised series of training programs held at our Malvern office. Each session has a maximum of 8 participants, to ensure the collaborative benefits of small group training is retained.

> Tuesday 5th March

8:00am - 10:00am

HR Essentials For Managers - Manager Training
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The session provides Business Owners, Managers Supervisors and Team Leaders with a thorough overview of an organisation’s obligations in relation to applicable employment legislation in Australia.

All the HR basics are covered with practical examples for how to incorporate these appropriately into your business.

Learning Outcomes:

> Understand employment legislation impacts and noncompliance risks
> Articulate the essential compliance obligations of your organisation
> Contribute to the development of workplace policies
> Conduct successful recruitment campaigns for effective appointments
> Better manage employee performance
> Minimise risks of Unfair Dismissal claims


Live Webinars

> Thursday 21st February

12:00pm - 1:00pm

HR Essentials Webinar
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The Australian workplace relations system is one of the most complicated in the world, which is why it is crucial your business maintains and communicates both up to date and compliant HR systems and processes.

As an employer, it is your responsibility to be aware of and adhere to all relevant employment legislation governed by the Fair Work Act and National Employment Standards.

Attend our webinar to get valuable insights into:

> Your obligations under the Fair Work Act & NES
> Mandatory compliance requirements, including contracts and leave 
> Essential workplace policies to protect your business 
> Key recruitment strategies and obligations for onboarding new starters
> Managing employee performance and terminations

> Thursday 14th March

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Managing Employee Performance Webinar
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No business can afford to ignore poor performers. Individuals who underperform or behave inappropriately have a direct impact on the culture, productivity and profitability of your business. 

To reduce the risk for your business, ensure your Managers are upskilled and possess the capability and confidence to effectively performance manage employees up to an including termination.

Attend our webinar to get valuable insights into:

Typical indicators of employee behavioural and performance problems
> Addressing and managing unsatisfactory performance 
> Effectively establishing expectations with employees 
> Keeping control of difficult employee discussions
> Legal obligations in conducting a performance management process


On Demand Webinars

Respect in the Workplace


Today, more than ever, employees are less likely to tolerate inappropriate behaviour in the workplace. The wave of #timesup and #metoo movements combined with some high profile bullying and harassment cases playing out in the public arena attest to a cultural shift that is now well underway. In each case, public discussions raise the important point – what was being done to prevent this inappropriate behaviour from occurring?

In our experience, business owners and managers almost always have the right intent for the equality of their workplace conduct, yet lack the knowledge and expertise to ensure this intent becomes a reality. Don’t let yourself get caught short.

This webinar covers:

> What is Discrimination?
> What is Harassment & Sexual Harassment?
> What is Bullying?
> What can you do to prevent it...
> Handling complaints
> Creating a positive workplace culture

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Managing Employee Performance


While a positive culture, proactive training programs and compliant policies will lead to a more productive workforce, it doesn’t automatically mean you’ll be exempt from needing to performance manage an employee. 

There will almost certainly be cases where one of your employees does not meet required standards of performance or behaviour. When such instances occur, you need to be prepared so you can act swiftly and minimise any impact on your organisation. 

This webinar covers:

> Typical indicators of employee behavioural and performance problems
> How to address and manage unsatisfactory workplace performance
> How to effectively establish expectations with employees
> Keeping control of difficult employee discussions
> Legal obligations in conducting a performance management process

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Have an HR expert provide a 2-hour consultation and review of your HR systems & processes.

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