How Is Your Team Really Feeling?

Understanding how your employees are really feeling in these uncertain times is critical. Your employees’ engagement and well-being will be a key factor in how your business bounces back from the impacts of coronavirus.

To help you understand how your team is currently feeling, we have developed an Employee Pulse Check. This is a great ‘listening’ tool. It shows you are committed to your team’s well-being and sends a message that you are here, and you are listening.

Employee Pulse Check Survey

Conducting an employee survey is a timely and valuable way to gather insights into what’s important to your employees, how they are feeling and any challenges they may be facing. The online survey will provide a confidential platform for your employees to openly and honestly share their thoughts and feelings about their current work situation.

Following the survey, you will be able to identify, develop and implement strategies to increase your team’s engagement and therefore drive their individual – and your business’ – performance.

Enquire About An Employee Pulse Check

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What does the Employee Pulse Check cover?

The pulse check survey covers the following areas (2 - 3 questions per area):

  • Well-being
  • Support
  • Working from Home
  • My Role
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Culture
  • Returning to Work

The survey also provides employees with the opportunity to provide feedback on their current challenges, what they feel is working well and areas for improvement.

  • What are the biggest challenges you are currently facing?
  • What are some things we are currently doing well?
  • How do you feel about returning to the office in a COVID-safe environment?

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Enquire about an Employee Pulse Check