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Managing Employee Performance & Behaviour

No business can afford to ignore poor performers. Individuals who underperform or behave inappropriately have a direct impact on the culture, productivity and profitability of your business.

To reduce the risk for your business, ensure your Managers are upskilled and possess the capability and confidence to effectively performance manage employees up to an including termination.

View this webinar to get valuable insights into:

  • Typical indicators of employee behavioural and performance problems
  • Addressing and managing unsatisfactory performance
  • Effectively establishing expectations with employees
  • Keeping control of difficult employee discussions
  • Legal obligations in conducting a performance management process

and more...


Watch The Webinar

Emily Manley

Hosted By: Emily Manley - People & Culture Specialist

Emily has extensive experience in HR and talent management in both internal HR and business consulting roles.  Emily is passionate about creating simple, practical and effective frameworks that can transform the way businesses manage their people. Emily believes in tailoring talent strategies to business strategy and ensuring a strong return on investment. Emily is a true business partner in every sense and she understands that each client is unique.

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