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We'll build a strong HR foundation to protect & support your business.


Our team of HR experts will work with you to build and implement a strong HR foundation for your business.

We will ensure you are meeting all your workplace compliance requirements, and will build a clear and comprehensive HR infrastructure for your business. 

We can package together different components of the build you need, and provide these in a meaningful and cost effective manner. We will give you the peace of mind that you have robust, compliant HR processes in place for your business.

We can build your:

  • Recruitment & Induction Processes
  • Job Descriptions & KPIs
  • Employment Contracts
  • Employment Policies
  • Award Summaries & Minimum Wage Guidelines
  • Performance Appraisal Processes
  • Performance Counselling & Discipline Processes
  • Employee Exit Processes

Recruitment & Induction Process

Attracting and selecting the right talent requires a thorough recruitment process.

Consistency is key; not only for compliance with legislative requirements but to ensure you have created a level playing field.  For example, using an Interview Guide will ensure that each applicant is asked the same discriminatory free questions and are assessed on the basis of their skill, competency and experience.

Once the recruitment process is complete, it is essential that every new hire completes a comprehensive Induction Program. Effective induction sets a platform where the employee is validated in their choice to join your organisation and that they have the necessary tools to get up to speed and add value as quickly as possible.


Job Descriptions & KPIs

For your business to be successful, every employee needs to have a clear understanding of their role and performance expectations, both at commencement and throughout their progression with your business.

Thorough Job Descriptions prescribe the various tasks and responsibilities for each role and act as a compass which both the employer and employee can use to ensure focus and contribution to wider business objectives.

Additionally, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) should be set with respect to the employee's Job Description and serve as an important framework in the Performance Appraisals process. 


Employment Contracts

Providing all employees with legally compliant, enforceable and comprehensive Employment Contracts is critical.  When employees are aware of their benefits and entitlements it can assist their job satisfaction, work ethic and longevity. It will provide your business with protection and certainty too.

It is essential to know which Modern Award covers the various roles in your business. Employers must ensure that they classify and remunerate employees under the correct Award and classification both at commencement and throughout an employees duration of service. 

Failure to do so can result in claims of underpayment and significant financial penalties.


Employment Policies

Clear, current and well-understood workplace policies set expectations of operational activity and minimise the legal risks to your business.

When created, implemented and managed correctly, Employment Policies protect your business from issues including - bullying, harassment & discrimination, misuse of social media or inappropriate computer use.

As such, policies cannot be 'set and forget'. To influence the required behaviours and provide appropriate coverage, your policies must be applied consistently, regularly updated and clearly communicated so that everyone understands the consequences of any breaches.


Award Summaries & Minimum Wage Guidelines

Failing to provide employees with the correct level of pay and employment entitlements are amongst the most common mistakes employers make.

Aside from not attracting and retaining the right people, providing employees below the National Employment Standards (NES) requirements can expose your business to risk of significant financial penalties and fines.

As a business owner or manager, it is your responsibility to know which Modern Award covers your employees. Modern Awards provide separate requirements to the NES and outline the minimum pay and conditions that apply to the various roles within your business.


Performance Appraisal Process

Providing employees with regular, structured feedback through a consistent framework of specific performance targets, is the basis for effective employee development, retention, loyalty and productivity. 

A formal Performance Appraisal program encompassing these elements allows for the development of career & training plans and serves as a regular opportunity to appropriately re-align performance with company objectives.

Best practice businesses conduct performance appraisals at least annually. They also assist employees by providing informal feedback throughout the year, so that communication is ongoing and potential issues are proactively managed.


Performance Counselling & Discipline Process

Despite the presence of robust HR systems and processes, Performance Management and Discipline is a practical reality at some stage of a company's lifecycle.

To be effective, Performance Management and Discipline processes need to be consistent, legally defensible and avoid procedural unfairness.  When they are, your businesses will be protected from incurring significant time and financial burdens in scenarios such as unfair dismissal claims.

Effective Performance Management & Discipline Policies are created with the assistance of subject matter experts, understood by all relevant personnel and followed implicitly in times of necessary use.


Employee Exit Process

When an employee leaves your company, it is imperative that the physical and intellectual property they have accumulated is not lost and that the company's reputation is protected. It is also important that the impact of their departure on other employees is minimised.

Based on the circumstances of an employee's departure, it can be an emotionally charged time. However, it is important that valuable insights are not lost.  

Exit interviews can uncover underlying trends regarding why employees leave, what aspects of their employment they valued, and what areas the company can improve on. Exit Interviews can also help facilitate a positive completion of their employment.

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