Essential HR Policies & Letters

Navigating the impact that coronavirus is having on your business is daunting and stressful. You may be able to continue “as normal” with your team working from home – but that comes with significant challenges and risks.  Despite these challenging times, you still have a responsibility to be aware of and adhere to all relevant employment legislation governed by the Fair Work Act and NES.

We have put together the essential HR policies and letters you need to protect your business and support your employees. These documents will also support your business beyond the impacts of coronavirus.

HR Policies: 

  • Working From Home
  • Flexible Work Arrangements
  • Annual Leave
  • Personal Leave
  • Long Service Leave
  • Leave Without Pay
  • Health & Safety
  • Fitness For Work
  • Grievance & Complaints
  • Termination

Template Letters:

  • JobKeeper Employee Notification
  • Notification of Stand Down
  • Temporary Adjustment to Work Hours
  • Temporary Adjustment to Salary
  • Redundancy Confirmation
  • Termination in Probation



HR Letters Bundle


HR Policies Bundle


HR Letters & Policies Bundle

HR Policies


  • Working From Home:  As your team is now probably having to work from home. it's important to have clear guidelines around responsibilities and obligations.
  • Leave Policies:  Includes all leave policies (ie. Annual and Personal) that are important at this time in terms of your obligations and employees’ entitlements.
  • Health & Safety Policies:  You have an obligation to provide a safe place of work, even if your team are now working from home.
  • Ending Employment:  If you do have to make difficult decisions, you need to know your obligations and the rights of your employees.

Template Letters


  • Notification of Stand Down:  If employees can't be usefully engaged at all owing to matters out of your control (such as impact of government directives related to Covid-19), you need to confirm in writing they are being ‘stood down’ without pay.
  • Adjustment to Working Hours:  If there is a reduction of work and you need to move employees to reduced hours in the short term to avoid redundancies, you need to confirm this in writing.
  • Adjustment to Salary:  If you still need people to work their usual hours, but you agree for them to take a temporary salary reduction, you need to confirm this in writing.
  • Redundancy Confirmation:  If in the unfortunate case you don't need and won't replace a role on a permanent on-going basis, you need to confirm the redundancy in writing.

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